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Ryan Johnson for Missouri House of Representatives District 56

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  • Ryan Johnson launches conservative campaign for Missouri House

    RAYMORE, MO – Ryan Johnson, a lifelong conservative leader, veteran, and small business owner, has officially announced his Republican candidacy for the Missouri House of Representatives for Northern Cass County. With over 30 years of experience in business, public policy, advocacy, and military service, Johnson aims to bring principled, conservative values and real solutions to the state. “Cass County deserves a true conservative fighter who will stand up for our values and freedoms,” said Johnson. “For too long, career politicians, like our current state representative, have failed to address the real issues facing hardworking Missourians. I’m running to be a vocal leader for our communities—to create more opportunities through education freedom and school choice, cut taxes, slash job-killing regulations, secure our elections, protect our Constitutional rights, and restore faith in government.” Johnson’s campaign platform focuses on core conservative principles: reducing government overreach, reining in reckless spending, enhancing public safety by supporting law enforcement, defending the Second Amendment, and protecting life. As a veteran of the U.S. Army and Coast Guard, Johnson is also a staunch advocate for military families and veterans’ issues. “We need to get the government out of the way and unleash the engine of free enterprise,” stated Johnson. “I’ll work tirelessly to create an environment where small businesses can thrive, families can keep more of their hard-earned money, and our state becomes an attractive destination for entrepreneurs, job creators, and investment.” Johnson’s dedication to public service is evident through his roles as Cass County Commissioner, former Chairman of the Cass County Republican Party, and involvement in various local organizations. As Commissioner, he kept Cass County free and open during the COVID-19 pandemic, cut taxes, reduced spending, fully funded law enforcement, and fought against government overreach. “The people of Cass County are my neighbors, friends, and family,” Johnson said. “I understand the challenges we face because I’ve lived through them too. In the Missouri House, I’ll be a tireless champion for our values, freedoms, and way of life.” Johnson, a lifelong Missourian with a passion for public service, resides in Raymore with his wife, Becky, and their three children. He is a member of Abundant Life Church and remains actively involved in his community through various civic organizations. Johnson has hit the ground running, touring the district and sharing his vision for a stronger, freer, safer, and more prosperous Missouri. As the Republican primary approaches on August 6th, he urges voters to stand with him in the fight to restore conservative leadership in Jefferson City. Ryan Johnson has retained Axiom Strategies and Victory Enterprises to assist with his campaign.

  • Rep. Michael Davis can't stop Democrats from winning in Cass County

    A year ago, I would have never imagined running against an incumbent state representative with a decent voting record. However, I am running for state representative because the incumbent Representative Michael Davis is not doing his job in Jefferson City or the district. First, he does not live here and never has. Instead, he uses his campaign treasurer’s home as his voter registration address while he stays in Jefferson City and in St. Louis, where he is from. I fear this type of political malpractice could lead to Democrats picking up this seat. I am running because the residents of Belton and Raymore deserve an effective, servant-leader who is a common-sense, conservative to represent them. Someone who can hit the ground running on the first day. They deserve someone capable of immediately helping them navigate the halls of government who understands what time it is in this country and the nature of the work before us. I know for whom I work, the citizens of Cass County, and when the boss calls, I will always answer. Michael, on the other hand, does not answer, is rarely if ever here in the district, and regularly declines invitations to visit. Most importantly, Michael Davis was silent and absent during the vast majority of our fight against the landfill. However, he was front and center for photos taking credit for its demise. Nothing says “insider” more than a do-nothing politician who ignores his constituents and then takes credit for the wins he had nothing to do with. I plan to take a sledgehammer to this kind of politics. In Jefferson City, Davis can be found repeatedly walking laps around the third-floor corridor of the Capitol, playing on his phone while his colleagues are doing important business in the people’s house. Davis is disconnected, disinterested, and not engaged. I’ve never seen anything like it. I fear that he has allowed Biden’s democratic party a real opportunity to gain a foothold here in suburban Cass County which is a tenuous 55% or less Republican district. Due to Michael’s untruths, inaction, and inactivity, the seat is at risk to the left, or almost as bad, a relatively unknown moderate Republican who will likely fall-in-line instead of fight. Rather than lose the seat to an unknown, untested moderate Republican or a Democrat, I stepped forward at the last minute to run for the position, instead of pursuing other opportunities. If elected, the people can count on me to be a vocal conservative leader and a reliable vote on priorities like life and protecting children, gun rights, school choice, and education freedom. I won’t back down from fighting cronyism, cutting taxes, dealing with spending problems, and tackling the Jeff City insiders. It’s time for a change. It’s time to elect a real conservative fighter and a pragmatic winner with a proven record of getting things done. Cass County deserves nothing less. Afterall, this is about who will best serve you. ·      Ryan Johnson is an Associate Cass County Commissioner, a conservative grassroots activist, and a candidate for state representative


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